Friday, November 4, 2011

Christian Community on the Internet

            My paper seeks to answer the question, how do online interactions through social media sites foster community online within the realm of Christianity? 
            Not much has been written in relations to Christian community found within social media sites. My case study will focus on sites similar to Reddit, Twitter and Facebook; sites that focus on users' posts to generate content. By focusing on these websites I will be able to come closer to answering the question of whether Christian community is fostered on online social media websites.
            When examining it is easy to find posts from non-Christians and Christians alike, posting pictures, videos, and asking questions about their faith, such as the man asking questions here: . Reddittors often pride themselves on being an exclusive Internet community open to all, yet still set apart with a strong identity, as can be seen here: . Since Reddit provides threads to promote focused community, more specifically a Christian thread, it seems that studying Reddit could help in my understanding of Online Christian community.

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